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Cosalient EHR Training and Reliability Advantage

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Training and Support Costs

Cosalient EHR lowers your initial and ongoing training costs. Unlike typical EHR's which need hours or days for users to reach basic functionality, Cosalient EHR's short learning curve means only fifteen minutes training are needed before anesthesia providers can use the system.

Users quickly become self-sufficient and rarely need assistance from your Help Desk. Cosalient EHR provides many ways to accomplish tasks. Users naturally discover their own way.

This translates into dramatically reduced initial training and minimizes ongoing support needs for both existing and future users.

Real User Customizability

Other systems require months before users can begin creating their own macros (if ever). Cosalient EHR is so intuitive that users begin creating their own marking sets the very first week.

System Reliability

Robust and fault tolerant, Cosalient EHR allows ongoing cases to continue unimpeded during network outages, database slow-downs, and across daylight saving time transitions. Even Cosalient EHR software updates may be installed in the midst of a case.