Medically Elegant Tools
Cosalient EHR - Clinical Advantages with Electronic Leverage
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Clinician Centric EHR
Keeps Focus on Patient Care

Speed Faster than
Hand Written

User Interface
Aids with Workflow

Automatic Vitals Acquisition

Dialogue Box Free
Document Completion

ALL Medications are
Quickly & Easily Recorded

Single Screen
Case Documentation

Automatic Text Completion

Intuitive Design Enables
Rapid User Operability

Rapid Turn Over
& PACU Transfers

Fully Formatted
Clinically Salient Records

Automatic Text Positioning

High Tech User
Driven Interface

Marking Sets Written Once
& Saved for Multiple Reuse

Clinical Correlations
Displayed & Identifiable

Automatic Drip & Fluids

Swift Training Acceptance
& User Self Sufficiency

Minimizes Need for
Assistance or Help Desk

Worry Free
Continuous Back-ups

Operates Easily Using
Only One Hand

EKG Tracing Capture

Photo Capture

Graphics Annotation Ability

“Drag & Drop” Picture & Text Import

Multiple Use Timers

Intra-Chat Communications

PQRS & QA Reporting

Captures Fully Billable Record

Encrypted Electronic Data

Encrypted Electronic

Protects Notation from
Unauthorized Modification

QA Committee
Sets Data Logging

Updates for Software
Included with Support

Upgrades for Software
Included with Support

Continues to Document
Even When Network Down

Runs on Mac™ or Windows™