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Guy Kuo MD CTO Kuo Software LLC

A Message from our CEO about EHR Philosophy

The primary goal of Cosalient® EHR is high End User satisfaction. Cosalient EHR brings back the control that most EHR's take away. Restoring each medical practitioner's sense of control over their own documents was an absolute requirement when designing the system. An EHR should be easier to use, faster, more complete, and more intelligible than paper. Otherwise, it is technology for technology's sake.

Cosalient EHR achieves the above by letting the practitioner control and direct what goes into the record. The Cosalient EHR usage paradigm is: Think it. Achieve it. In contrast, most EHR's provide a less clinically efficient "think it, hunt for what I want, ok, that is close enough" paradigm. That clumsy and unsatisfying process is demoralizing and is accepted only because practitioners were being left with no other choice. Cosalient EHR is that other choice.

Frequently we hear from Cosalient EHR End Users who beam with pride about how "good" their anesthetic record looks. That is a positive signal that the End User feels personal ownership of what they created using Cosalient EHR. Cosalient EHR helps you achieve that same satisfaction when using the system.

Sonja Kapitan, PharmD, MPH
CEO, Kuo Software LLC
Guy Kuo MD CTO Kuo Software LLC

About the Cosalient® CTO

Guy Kuo, M.D. is the Chief Technical Officer of Kuo Software LLC. who is equally at ease in the realms of medicine, technology, and software development.

"Delivering a great user experience drives our design. No big EHR system vendor seems to care that they deliver a horrendous user experience. Yet they sell well because end users are never allowed a real choice. The ones in charge of purchasing systems never have to suffer through actually using a clumsy system. We're a small voice, but we deliver a fabulous experience alternative for our users."

At Kuo Software, LLC, we don't just have a consultant trying to describe to medically naive programmers what he wants. Nor do our programmers create features that seem useful but are actually cumbersome to clinicians. In our CTO, we have a physician/programmer who actually writes code and gives clinical care. There can be no tighter and accurate a design process.

Dr. Kuo is Medical Director of The Overlake Surgery Center and a practicing anesthesiologist in Bellevue, Washington. As a medical director, he oversees facility and medical staff regulatory compliance. He combines clinical acumen, compassion, and technological wizardry throughout the day. He is consulted regularly on matters of medical care technology.

This combination of over 20 years medical and 30 years of programming experience allowed development of the unique Cosalient® Healthware products. Only by intimately knowing the needs of medical providers, facilities, and the possibilities of software, could our products be so well crafted.

Dr. Kuo has also been

  • Director, Imaging Science Foundation Research Lab at Microsoft
  • Medical Director of the Advanced Bloodless Surgery Program at Providence Hospital, Seattle, Washington.
  • Chief developer of the video quality calibration DVD, AVIA Guide to Home Theater

His numerous technical postings on the web have guided many through complex projects ranging from computer circuit board repair, car audio modification, electron beam astigmation, to video image calibration.